Some Works in Progress

“Model Verification and the Likelihood Principle.” (Check out a preprint or an early précis.)

“On the Reduction of General Relativity to Newtonian Gravitation.” (Draft available on request.)

“Global Spacetime Similarity.” (Draft available on request.)

“Reduction and Causal Set Theory’s Hauptvermutung.” (Draft available on request.)

“The Topology of Intertheoretic Reduction.”


Journal Articles

“On Noncontextual, Non-Kolmogorovian Hidden Variable Theories.” 2017. Foundations of Physics, forthcoming. (With Ben Feintzeig. Check out the published version or a preprint.)

“Similarity, Topology, and Physical Significance in Relativity Theory.” 2016. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 67.2: 365-389. (Check out the published version or a preprint.)

“Light Clocks and the Clock Hypothesis.” 2013. Foundations of Physics 43.11: 1369-383. (Check out the published version or an e-print.)

“What Counts as a Newtonian System? The View from Norton’s Dome.” 2012. European Journal for Philosophy of Science 2.3: 275-297. (Check out the published version or an e-print.)

Book Reviews

“Against the Topologists: Essay Review of New Foundations for Physical Geometry.” 2017. Philosophy of Science, forthcoming. (Check out a preprint.)

Conference Proceedings

“Towards a Graph-Theoretic Characterization of Popescu-Rohrlich Box Simulation Strategies.” 2009. In Proceedings of Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing, ed. A. Lvovsky. Melville, NY: AIP Conference Proceedings 1110.