Long Time No See

Travel, Travel, Travel / Danube Blues

How intense the past half year has been!  I visited the Philosophy and HPS departments at the University of Pittsburgh in March and April, defended my dissertation (successfully!) in June right before presenting some of the work therein  (“Global Spacetime Similarity”) at the poster session of the annual meeting of the Society for Exact Philosophy, and moving to Munich!  The next few months were filled with conferences and summer schools both local and a bit further abroad, and giving me the experiences of seeing just a bit more of Germany.

Just this past week I was in Budapest (for the first time!) to give talks at the Institute of Philosophy of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Theoretical Philosophy Forum, Eötvös University.  I hope to go back again to visit more of that vast and beautiful city.

Coming Attractions / London Calling

On October 2-3 I’ll be in Oxford for the Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics conference.  I’ll have a poster presenting some new work attempting to complicate the consensus on holism in quantum theory, in particular that entanglement presents a novel mechanism by which holism is manifest.  In a word, it seems that much is already present in the classical theory of stochastic systems!

Afterwards I’ll be loitering around in London on October 5-7 for an encore of Angelo’s Cei‘s talk (“‘Reflections on Atomism, Quantum Mechanics and Mereology”) at LSE’s Sigma Club.  Angelo has unfortunately had to cancel, so yours truly will be filling in on a pinch!


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