Links in the square brackets at the end of each entry below are to various versions of my publications. Many of these are also available via my PhilPeople profile.

Edited Collections


Metaphilosophy of Formal Methods. Synthese topical collection. [published]


With Jürgen Landes and Roland Poellinger: Evidence Amalgamation in the Sciences. Synthese special issue 196(8). [published]

With Patricia Palacios, Laura Ruetsche, and Elay Shech: Infinite Idealizations in Science. Synthese special issue 196(5). [published]


With Michael E. Cuffaro: Physical Perspectives on Computation, Computational Perspectives on Physics. Cambridge University Press. [published]

Journal Articles


“The Stopping Rule Principle and Confirmational Reliability.” Journal for General Philosophy of Science. [postprint]


“Replication is for meta-analysis.” Philosophy of Science 89(5): 960–969. [published] [postprint]

With Nathan Lackey: “The introduction of topology into analytic philosophy: two movements and a coda.” Synthese 200(3): 197. [published] [read-only open access] [postprint]


With Joshua Knobe, Gregory Wheeler, and Brian Allan Woodcock: “Changing use of formal methods in philosophy: late 2000s vs. late 2010s.” Synthese 199(5–6): 14555–14576. [published] [read-only open access] [postprint] [data]

With David E. Taylor: “Two Quantum Logics of Indeterminacy.” Synthese 199(5–6): 13247–13281. [published] [read-only open access] [postprint]

With David E. Taylor: “Quantum Indeterminacy and the Eigenstate-Eigenvalue Link.” Synthese 199(3–4): 11181–11212. [published] [read-only open access] [postprint]

“Similarity Structure and Diachronic Emergence.” Synthese 198(9): 8873–8900. [published] [read-only open access] [postprint]

“Counterfactual Reasoning within Physical Theories.” Synthese 198(16): 3877–3898. [published] [read-only open access] [postprint]

“How (not) to measure replication.” European Journal for Philosophy of Science 11(57): 1–27. [published] [read-only open access] [postprint]

“An Invitation to Approximate Symmetry, with Three Applications to Intertheoretic Relations.” Synthese 198(5): 4811–4831. [published] [read-only open access] [postprint]

“The Role of Replication in Psychological Science.” European Journal for Philosophy of Science 11(23): 1–19. [published] [read-only open access] [postprint]


“Which Worldlines Represent Possible Particle Histories?” Foundations of Physics 50(6): 582–599. [published] [read-only open access] [postprint]

“Similarity Structure and Emergent Properties.” Philosophy of Science 87(2): 281–301. [published] [postprint]

“On Representational Capacities, with an Application to General Relativity.” Foundations of Physics 50(4): 228–249. [published] [read-only open access] [postprint]

“The Principle of Stability.” Philosophers’ Imprint 20(3): 1–22. [open-access published]


“On the Reduction of General Relativity to Newtonian Gravitation.” Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 68: 1–15. [published version] [postprint]

With Jürgen Landes and Roland Poellinger: “Evidence Amalgamation in the Sciences: An Introduction.” Synthese 196(8): 3163–3188. [published] [read-only open access] [postprint]

“Minimal Approximations and Norton’s Dome.” Synthese 196(5): 1749–1760. [published] [read-only open access] [postprint]

With Patricia Palacios, Laura Ruetsche, and Elay Shech: “Infinite Idealizations in Science: An Introduction.” Synthese 196(5): 1657–1669.  [published] [read-only open access] [postprint]

“Stopping Rules as Experimental Design.” European Journal for Philosophy of Science 9: 29. [published] [read-only open access] [postprint]


“Global Spacetime Similarity.” Journal of Mathematical Physics 59(11): 112501. [published] [postprint]

“Computers in Abstraction/Representation Theory.” Minds & Machines 28(3): 445–463. [published] [read-only open access] [postprint]

With JB Manchak, Mike D. Schneider, and James Owen Weatherall: “Would Two Dimensions be World Enough for Spacetime?” Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 63: 100–113. [published] [preprint]


With Ben Feintzeig: “On Noncontextual, Non-Kolmogorovian Hidden Variable Theories.” Foundations of Physics 47(2): 294–315.  [published] [read-only open access] [preprint]


“Similarity, Topology, and Physical Significance in Relativity Theory.” British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 67(2): 365–389.  [published version] [preprint] [older preprint]


“Light Clocks and the Clock Hypothesis.” Foundations of Physics 43(11): 1369–1383. [published] [e-print]


“What Counts as a Newtonian System? The View from Norton’s Dome.” European Journal for Philosophy of Science 2(3): 275–297.  [published] [postprint]

Book Chapters


“Similarity Structure on Scientific Theories.” In Bartłomiej Skowron, ed. Topological Philosophy. De Gruyter. [preprint]

With Conor Mayo-Wilson: “Evidence in Classical Statistics.” Maria Lasonen-Aarnio and Clayton Littlejohn, eds. Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy of Evidence. [preprint]


“Relativistic Spacetime Structure.” In Eleanor Knox and Alastair Wilson, eds. Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Physics. Routledge, pp. 160–179. [preprint]

“Modality in Physics.” In Otávio Bueno and Scott A. Shalkowski, eds. Routledge Handbook of Modality. Routledge, pp. 251–264. [published] [preprint]


“Approximate Local Poincaré Spacetime Symmetry in General Relativity.” In Claus Beisbart, Tilman Sauer, and Christian Wüthrich, eds. Thinking about Space and Time. Einstein Studies, vol. 15. Birkhäuser, pp. 247–267. [published] [postprint]


With Neil Dewar and Laurenz Hudetz: “Extending List’s Levels.” In Marek Kuś and Bartłomiej Skowron, eds. Category Theory in Physics, Mathematics, and Philosophy. Springer, pp. 63–81. [published] [postprint]


With Micheal E. Cuffaro: “Introduction.” In Michael E. Cuffaro and Samuel C. Fletcher, eds. Physical Perspectives on Computation, Computational Perspectives on Physics. Cambridge University Press, pp. 1–19. [published] [preprint]


“Indeterminism, Gravitation, and Spacetime Theory.” In Gábor Hofer-Szabó and Leszek Wroński, eds. Making It Formally Explicit: Probability, Causality and Indeterminism. Springer, pp. 179–191. [published] [preprint]

Book (& Essay) Reviews


“Review of ‘The narrow ontic counterfactual account of distinctively mathematical explanation,’ (in British J. Philos. Sci. 72 (2021), no. 2, 511–543, by Mark Povich).” Mathematical Reviews/MathSciNet 4410546. [published]

“Review of ‘A plea for distinctions (counterfactuals and differential equations),’ (in Synthese 200 (2022), no. 2, Paper No. 145, 28 pp., by Mark Wilson).” Mathematical Reviews/MathSciNet 4408521. [published]


“Review of ‘Einstein’s war—how relativity triumphed amid the vicious nationalism of World War I.’ (Dutton, New York, [2019], ©2019. vi+390, by Matthew Stanley).” Mathematical Reviews/MathSciNet 4248807. [published]

“Review of ‘A topological approach to infinity in physics and biophysics,’ (in Found. Sci. 26 (2021), no. 2, 245–255, by Arturo Tozzi and James F. Peters).” Mathematical Reviews/MathSciNet 4263614. [published]

“Review of ‘Past, present and future modally introduced,’ (in Synthese 198 (2021), no. 4, 3603–3624, by Tomasz Placek).” Mathematical Reviews/MathSciNet 4246354. [published]


“Review of ‘The constituents of an explication,’ (in Synthese 197 (2020), no. 3, 983–1010, by Moritz Cordes).” Mathematical Reviews/MathSciNet 4077265. [published]

“Review of ‘What were the genuine Banach spaces in 1922? Reflection on axiomatisation and progression of the mathematical thought,’ (in Arch. Hist. Exact Sci. 74 (2020), no. 2, 109–129, by Frédéric Jaëck.” Mathematical Reviews/MathSciNet 4060494. [published]

“Review of ‘Cécile Morette and the Les Houches summer school for theoretical physics; or, how Girl Scouts, the 1944 Caen bombing and a marriage proposal helped rebuild French physics (1951–1972),’ (in British J. Hist. Sci. 52 (2019), no. 4, 595–616, by Pierre Verschueren).” Mathematical Reviews/MathSciNet 4069452. [published]


“Of War or Peace? Essay Review of Statistical Inference as Severe Testing.Philosophy of Science 87(4): 755–762. [published] [preprint]

“Review of ‘Logical expressivism, logical theory and the critique of inferences,’ (in Synthese 196 (2019), no. 11, 4493–4509, by Georg Brun).” Mathematical Reviews/MathSciNet 4022248. [published]


“Against the Topologists: Essay Review of New Foundations for Physical Geometry.” Philosophy of Science 84(3): 595–603. [published] [postprint]

Conference Proceedings


“Towards a Graph-Theoretic Characterization of Popescu-Rohrlich Box Simulation Strategies.” In A. Lvovsky, ed. Proceedings of Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing: The Ninth International Conference. AIP Conference Proceedings 1110, pp. 109–112.



“The Argument Clinic.” Teaching and Learning Video Series, Blog of the APA. [published]


“What’s Hot in Mathematical Philosophy.” The Reasoner 12(6): 50–51. [open-access published]


Foreword to Andrew Lucia, A Catalog of Difference. UMinn Papers on Architecture 2. University of Minnesota School of Architecture, pp. 7–9. [exhibition catalog] [preprint]



Similarity and Spacetime: Studies in Intertheoretic Reduction and Physical Significance. University of California, Irvine. [published]

Some Works in Progress

Philosophy of Physics

With James Weatherall, “The Local Validity of Special Relativity, Part 1: Geometry.” [preprint]

With James Weatherall, “The Local Validity of Special Relativity, Part 2: Matter Dynamics.” [preprint]

“Reduction and Causal Set Theory’s Hauptvermutung.” (Draft available on request.)

“On Surplus Structure Arguments.” [preprint]

Philosophy of Science

“The Topology of Intertheoretic Reduction.”

“Emergence, Explanation, and (Infinite) Idealization.” (Draft available on request.)

Philosophy of Statistics

“Model Verification and the Likelihood Principle.”  [preprint] [early précis]

With Galin Jones and Alexander Rothman, “Discussion: What Is a Replication?” [preprint]