Blaue Donau Revisitied & Two Upcoming MCMP Events

Blaue Donau Revisitied

On a shorter-term notice, in order to coincide with a visit by Harvey Brown, I’ll be giving a talk on some recent work (in collaboration with Jim Weatherall) in Vienna: just a 4-hour railjet away! It’s been almost exactly a year since I last visited, at the end of my European tour.

Two Upcoming MCMP Events

In other news, I’m involved in organizing two upcoming events here at the MCMP.  On December 14th, there will be the Irvine-Munich Workshop on the Foundations of Classical and Quantum Field Theories, co-organized by Karim Thébault.  I’ll be giving a talk on extending a general program for intertheoretic reduction from the case of spacetime to the context of general classical field theories.

Then, on January 30th–31st will be a conference on Quantum Computation, Quantum Information, and the Exact Sciences, co-organized by Michael Cuffaro and Johannes Kofler.  Submissions consisting of a short (~100 word) and an extended (750–1,000 word) abstract aren’t due until November 14th, so if you want to contribute to this multidisciplinary conference you still have time!

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